Is Your Luxury Porsche Cayenne SUV a Lemon?

Owners of the luxury Porsche Cayenne SUV who experience repeated problems or have safety issues may wonder if they own a lemon. “Just because you spent a lot of money for a vehicle, doesn’t make it lemon-proof,” said Attorney James Johnson, a California lemon law lawyer. “Auto manufacturing defects are common, but if they pose a safety risk or there … Read More

Porsche Taycan Electrical Issues, Brakes, Complaints, Lemon Law

Owners of the Porsche Taycan thought their new luxury electric sports car would be the proverbial wet dream come true, but recent safety concerns have been a rude awakening for some. Indeed, the electrified Porsche offers consumers a way to curb greenhouse gas emissions without curbing their enthusiasm for a fancy sports car. However, complaints over the past year to … Read More