What is Lemon Law?

What is the Lemon Law

If your newly-purchased vehicle spends more time in the shop then on the road or in your driveway, chances are, you have a lemon. In most states, a lemon is defined as a car that has a defect covered by the Factory warranty that caused an interruption within a designated period or number of miles after purchase, and the issue … Read More

History of California Lemon Law: Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

Prior to 1970, a person who bought a defective vehicle in California had to fight it out alone with the dealership and or the powerful auto manufacturer. It was a David versus Goliath battle, but unlike the biblical story, the consumer more often came out the loser. In 1970, however, that changed when the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, better known … Read More

About 150,000 Consumers Make Lemon Law Claims in the United States Every Year

Roughly 1 percent or 150,000 vehicles nationwide qualify as lemons. These are vehicles that have repeated or unfixable problems that diminish its value or threaten the safety of its occupants. So what is a lemon and how do I get a refund or replacement vehicle?  What Qualifies as a “Lemon”? Major or substantial defect covered by warranty terms Defect is … Read More