New 2016 Honda Civics Recalled for Potential Engine Failure

Roughly 45,000 newly redesigned 2016 Honda Civics have been recalled in the U.S. (34,000) and Canada (11,000) due to a potential for engine failure or fire due to an installation mistake.

The 2-liter four-cylinder engines were found to have a clip that was missing or improperly installed around its pistons when the vehicles were made in the factory, according to reports by Canadian safety regulators.  The missing clip can cause a pin on this piston to scrape up against the engine block. The problem could lead to a fire or engine failure if not fixed.

US and Canadian Honda dealers will inspect affected models of these vehicles and update or fix them as required. They are also ordered to repair any model they have on the sales floor before they can be sold to the public.

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