Harley Davidson Recalls 250,000 Motorcycles for Sudden Brake Failure Issue

Harley Davidson Recalls 250,000 Motorcycles for Sudden Brake Failure IssueHarley-Davidson is recalling approximately 250,000 motorcycles due to a problem with the brakes where they could potentially fail without any warning and leave riders without any brakes. Most of the vehicles (175,000) are located in the United States.

The vehicles impacted are model year 2008 to 2011 Touring, CVO Touring and VRSC models which have anti-lock braking systems.

The motorcycle manufacturer received 43 complaints about this problem. Also, the company is aware of three accidents and two injuries linked to the brake failure.

Indeed, Harley Davidson says it is a serious problem, but they believe it can be fixed by flushing the brake fluid. This is something that is recommended owners do least every two years. However, many owners have not done so and this could be the problem. The recall allows owners of these vehicles to get it done at no cost to them.

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