Certain Dodge Ram Pickups May Qualify as Lemons Under CA Law

California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson says owners of certain 2007 through 2011 Dodge Ram pickup trucks may have a valid claim under Lemon Laws for their defective vehicles.

Indeed, owners of the pickup trucks featuring the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine, have been experiencing problems such as the check engine lights remaining on, lack of power, poor performance, brake failure, and other issues including steering defects. These vehicles should have a 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty on them and even if they have 90,000 miles on them the manufacturer would be required to offer a buyback if they had four or more repairs on it.

There have been at least three separate recalls by Michigan-based Chrysler Group LLC on this vehicle including the largest issued for a tie-rod assembly defect affecting steering on 2003 to 2008 Ram 2500 and 3500 model trucks for an estimated 842,000 vehicles. The 2009-2010 models have been known to experience hydraulic brake failure and were recalled by Chrysler in 2010.

“There can be deadly consequences as a result of these and other unidentified safety issues for drivers of these Dodge Ram pickup trucks,” said Attorney James Johnson, a California Lemon Law Attorney. “If you are the owner of one of these vehicles and have experienced repeated repairs and or loss of use for 30 days or more – it’s possible you have a Lemon Law claim.”

Are you are experiencing any of these problems or other issues with your Dodge Ram truck? Maybe it’s time to turn in your lemon and begin the buyback process with Chrysler so you can be back on the road again without worrying about these types of problems.

The experienced and professional Lemon Law Attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group are here to help protect your rights under California Lemon Laws. We offer a free consultation and all attorney fees are paid by the manufacturer. Call us today at 800-235-6801.

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  1. I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500, in which I experience a lot of repair work such as fuel pump, water pump, air conditioner pump, transmission rebuilt twice, techamentor does not work ( no fixing)

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