California RV/Motor Home Lemon Law Lawyer

Does your recreational vehicle qualify as a lemon under California Lemon Laws?

The purchase of an RV can be a huge investment for most families. However, the dream of owning one of these motor homes can quickly turn sour if you are repeatedly spending your vacation at the repair shop. It’s possible you own a lemon and are protected under California laws if the vehicle is subject to repeated repairs or malfunctions.

It’s important to take action if you believe you own a lemon. First of all, if you RV is under warranty and it’s been spending more time fixing it than enjoying it, the vehicle may qualify as a lemon. Johnson Attorneys Group can help consumers who own RVs get back on the road by representing them in a Lemon Law Claim. These are RVs that are under warranty and has required repeated repairs, its value has decreased and may even be a safety risk.

What Can a California Lemon Law Attorney Do to Help You?

Johnson Attorneys Group is qualified to help you with your potential Lemon Law case.  We have offices throughout California to serve you.

Contact us at 800-235-6801 for a free case evaluation with a competent Lemon Law Attorney. You can be confident that our law firm will do everything we can to resolve your case on your behalf.

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