BMW Recalls 2016 7 Series Cars Due to Airbag Electrical Short

BMW airbag problemBMW of North America, LLC (BMW) has announced a recall of some 6,200 of its 2016 BMW 7 Series vehicles due to an electrical short that could prevent airbags from deploying in a collision.

The $85,000 luxury vehicles were manufactured between July 1, 2015 and December 11, 2015, the report stated. The vehicles subject to repairs are all 2016 models, specifically the 740Li, the 750Li and the 750Lxi series.

The problem stems from an electrical short circuit. BMW says residual metallic particles in the vehicles due to the manufacturing process may be interfering with these circuits and cause an airbag control module to randomly reset.

If a collision were to take place while the module was resetting, there is a possibility that airbags may not deploy and occupants in the vehicle could be injured.

BMW would like owners and dealerships to get these air bag control modules replaced at their expense beginning on May 16.

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