2016 Ford Motors Recall: Transmission, Suspension and Tires

Ford Motor Company sign

Ford Motor Company recalls thousands of cars due to transmission and suspension problems.

Ford Motor Company is recalling thousands of vehicles to repair various issues including a suspension defect, a transmission problem and defective tires.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based auto maker announced the recall on Wednesday of 201,900 pickup trucks, SUVs and cars due to a software issue in the automatic transmission that may suddenly downshift into first gear. Specifically an output speed sensor will be replaced due to this potential collision factor. Ford says the abrupt change in speed could cause rear tires to slide or lock up. So far there are three traffic accidents resulting from this problem, but no reported injuries.

The vehicles subject to recall for the transition problem are the 2011 and 2012 Ford F-150 pickup trucks and the 2012 Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang and Ford Lincoln Navigator vehicles.

Ford is also recalling 81,000 sport utility vehicles to fix a suspension defect.

This recall involves the suspension’s toe links which were poorly made and may fracture, causing a loss of steering and potential crashes. The vehicles recalled for this problem are the 2014-15 Ford Explorer and Ford Police Interceptor SUVs.

The repairs will be made at the expense of Ford Motors Corp.

Three other smaller recalls were also announced on Wednesday. Some 2,600 2016 Ford F-Series Super duty pickup trucks may have suffered tire damage from a conveyor belt in the manufacturing plant.

Additionally, there are 199 vehicles made between 2007 and 2012 that required the driver’s side air bag modules to be repaired, specifically the 2012 Ford Flex, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Mercury Sable. The final recall affects just 40 Ford Fusion cars that required replacement of the mountain bracket welding on the driver’s side seat.

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