2014 Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee – Transmission Issues

If you own a 2014 Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee you may be all too familiar with how the transmission tends to jerk or jump. You may experience a loud banging or clanging noise or find yourself stuck while shifting gears.

Indeed it’s been a rough ride for many of these owners whose brand new vehicles feel more like they are old clunkers. Some drivers have complained that the issue affects acceleration. Others say the car hesitates and has very little power which makes entering a freeway more like a game of cat and mouse — not fun if you happen to be the mouse.

Taking the Jeep SUV back to the dealership hasn’t helped matters much for most car owners with this issue. Some car owners are told it’s just a characteristic of the car or it’s not fixable. Others have been provided with a software update, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem and they are back to square one.

The problem stems from a change made to the vehicle’s transmission by its manufacturer Chrysler. The transmission unit was replaced with a manual unit in these vehicles as a way to improve gas efficiency as well as meet EPA standards. The problem is, this transmission could be considered a safety issue and one that many of these car owners want no part of.

So what can you do about it? One client who came to Johnson Attorneys Group told us their brand new Jeep Cherokee’s transmission became completely stuck while they were out driving just two days after they purchased it. The vehicle was towed to the dealership where the entire transmission was replaced, but the client doesn’t feel safe in the car anymore.

“We negotiated a full repurchase of the car on behalf of our client with Chysler,” said Attorney James Johnson. “This is not only a safety issue, but it’s imperative that an auto manufacturer stand by their products and take back defective vehicles.”

If you have attempted to have this issue fixed by the dealer and you keep going back for the same issue or safety issues present themselves, your car may qualify as a lemon under California law. Make sure you save your receipts because this provides a paper trail showing there is an ongoing mechanical problem with the vehicle that has not be addressed.

California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson is here to help if you are one of the many people whose Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee is suffering from this problem. Call us today for a free consultation at 800-235-6801.

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