2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS GT Grinding Brake Issue

The sound of grinding or squeaking brakes is certainly not music to the ears of the owners of 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS and GT cars.

But what makes matters worse is that many of these drivers get their cars fixed only to have the same issue come back repeatedly.

In some cases, the owners of these cars began complaining about the brake issue soon after they drove it off the lot. The noise is described as a grinding sound that rattles and shakes the vehicle. It sounds like metal scraping metal. It’s so loud that passengers aboard the car worry about their safety and drivers worry the brakes will fail and they could get in an accident.

Many Hyundai owners complain that even when the dealer or manufacturer offers to replace the rotors and brake pads, the grinding issue returns with a vengeance. Dealerships described one car’s brakes as having a “rough surface” or “hard spots” that needed to be smoothed out.

Some of these car owners have had to pay themselves to get the brakes fixed because they are told the sound is a “characteristic” of this vehicle.  Others were advised the rotors were warped or rusted and could be replaced within the first year of ownership under warranty. One dealer told an owner that they were braking too hard and this happens with new car brakes so you need to slow down.

The problem is, Hyundai owners say, after they get the brakes fixed, the grinding sound comes back even after they have replaced the rotors and brake pads or resurfaced them.

“It’s unacceptable that Hyundai has not stepped up and taken care of these individuals,” said Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson. “Anyone who owns a car with this type of safety issue or who has to repeatedly repair a vehicle for the same problem, may have a valid claim under California laws.”

California Lemon Law Attorney

It goes without saying that you should feel safe when you are driving your new car and that if you believe a vehicle is unsafe or defective, contact a California Lemon Law Attorney for a free case evaluation.

Hyundai owners should know there are active Lemon Law claims about this and other issues involving these vehicles and that they have legal rights under California laws.

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