2013 Dodge Dart Owners Have Lemon Law Buyback

Owners of certain 2013 Dodge Dart sedans have been experiencing a variety of problems ranging from defective transmissions and engine issues to faulty fuel gauges and brake failure. Some models of the Chrysler Group LLC vehicle have also been subject to recalls for the car’s power train (June 4, 2013), its parking brake (April 2013) and its side and window air bags (November 6, 2014).

Indeed, shortly after purchasing a 2014 Dodge Dart in February 2014, one of our Lemon Law clients told us they had to return the vehicle to the dealership when the check engine light kept coming on after only putting roughly 700 miles on the car.

The client believed the issue had been rectified, but about 900 miles later the vehicle was back into the dealership’s service bays for the same issue. This time, the dealership had to replace the transmission and the car owner was without their vehicle for 27 days.

Johnson Attorneys Group immediately made a claim on behalf of our client to Chrysler because under California Lemon Laws the car owner is entitled to a refund of their down payment and all lease or purchase payments as well as incidental and consequential expenses incurred.

“It’s worth noting that our client does not pay our attorney fees out of their settlement,“ said California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson. “That’s because California Lemon Laws state that all attorney’s fees are paid separately to the attorney by the manufacturer.”

Are you are experiencing any of these problems or other issues with your Dodge Dart? Maybe it’s time to turn in your lemon and begin the buyback process with Chrysler so you can be back on the road again without worrying about these types of problems.

The experienced and professional Lemon Law Attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group are here to help protect your rights under California Lemon Laws. We offer a free consultation and all attorney fees are paid by the manufacturer. Call us today at 800-235-6801.

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