2011, 2012, 2013 Ford Edge SUV Owners Complain Doors Open Unexpectedly

Despite some 2,700 complaints and 33,000 warranty claims —  about door ajar warning lights that won’t shut off, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has decided not to seek a recall from Ford for its 2011 to 2013 Ford Edge SUVs.

Indeed, the U.S. safety regulators conducted an investigation into the claim that the door-open light wouldn’t turn off or doors would unexpectedly open. Roughly 440,000 SUVs were subject to the investigation, but the federal agency stated there was no unreasonable safety risk. The problem stems from latches that were not properly closed or passengers who opened the doors without the knowledge of the driver.

There were no injuries or deaths reportedly linked to the complaints, however, Ford did state that contamination buildup on switches could accidentally activate the door ajar warning lights or cause failures such as those reported by consumers.

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